Drive more HR value to your Business with Geofencing technology based Mobile HR solution

Why do we call planetHR different?

Well, we don’t just say it, we prove it by providing a seamless cloud-based HR experience. Let’s see how we do it

A complete Mobile ready HR platform!

planetHR is exclusively designed to easily access from your Android, iOS, or any other devices. You can access any employee data 24/7 no matter where you go. For attendance tracking, Leave, Task & Asset Management, payroll generation everything now will be in one agile mobile HR solution.

Geofencing technology bring ease in Monitoring employee Attendance time & Meeting location

Eliminate the need for manual entries. With the help of the geofencing technology, now in-house as well as remote employees don’t need to clock-in or out in the software. This HR software will instantly notify you when an employee enters the office, or out for any office work, or attending any meeting or event. Also if companies want, by using GPS technology they can manually initiate clock-in/out solution for monitoring their employee attendance.

Such employee timesheets can easily be accessed on your mobile too.

Fit your Business needs properly with competitive pricing.

We tailor-made such a package that just works for your business. No need to start big, while investing small, you can get exclusive access to the best-in-class HR solution to eliminate all the barriers to your workforce productivity.

Help in maintaining accurate record of all the payroll information

Avoid all the billing errors & help you get the employees paid faster with the seamless integration of planetHR payroll solutions. Now you can accomplish all the payroll related work as well as the bill & allowance management work in less time as this software will automatically generate the invoices & send instant notifications when any employee payment processing is done.

Replace the need for using paper files

planetHR bring all your HR essentials into one single online system. Within just a single tap on your mobile, you can easily edit or add any employee data, authorize their leave requests, monitor their attendance, manage their tasks, as well as let you discover valuable insights into your team’s total work production.

Engage your workforce by automating activity approval procedures.

planetHR lets you create tasks & checklists instantly & allow you to spend your time wisely. This software gives you the freedom to explore, integrate any employee data with timely reminders.

Easy to navigate

To access this software exclusive features, your employees don’t have to be tech-savvy. We designed it to be simple & easy-to-use, so that anyone can do their HR core activity smoothly, far from any kind of system confusion or frustration of complex functionality. We also provide consultation to guide you to identify what & how much you can do using this software.

Safe from any Malicious use or Cyber attack

No chance of data breaching. It makes sure all your personal & HR confidential data is stored securely with superior privacy & Geo and IP restrictions. We ensure standardized security & governance is ensured while setting up this software on your system & also followed everywhere where needed.

Check out how planetHR mobile-enabled solution bring revolutionary change to your HR work

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