Cloud-Based Task Management solution to monitor your team task & get them done faster & more efficiently

planetHR simplify the way of managing Task of your team

Improve your entire team performance by prioritizing & discussing your entire workforce job instantly on your phone with the Task Management Solution.

Plan your organization’s important projects, schedule them & distribute them among your workforce in a most hassle-free manner with this cloud solution. It centralizes your entire workflow while helping you to make effective decisions of whom to assign the task.

No chance of missing any deadlines as with planetHR you can always plan ahead of your every task.

Organize your workflow with an effective Task Management Solution

Helps you to easily set priority of your teamwork

planetHR helps you to make your teamwork more organized in a more flexible & rewarding way.

  • Easy to keep track of your employee daily activities
  • Can create priority-based task whenever needed
  • Easy to set start & end date for every task
  • Can attach important file for every task

Track employees’ performance based on their task progression

Daily or weekly planning helps your employee stay ahead of their goal. Now you don’t need to shuffle between different spreadsheets or a bunch of tools, as planetHR task management solution keeps all your tasks in one place to make sure employees are tackling all the projects at the right time.

  • Get notification when any task completed ensuring employees are making progress
  • Easy to set priority & monitor it to ensure employee completed the task on time
  • Easy to view of what task is due today
  • Can set deadlines to make sure every task is done on time
  • Easy to share files, feedback even ideas so that team can work more productively
  • Can keep all of your tasks in one place to avoid get losing it

Manage task on the go on both Android & iOS devices

No matter where you are, always stay in sync across all the devices using the planetHR task management solution. This cloud task management platform gives you instant access to all of your tasks from any device.

  • Easy to make a to-do list of every employee
  • Easy to add the status of every task (Ongoing, Assigned, Completed)
  • Can sort out every task using the filter option
  • Quickly access the important tasks & set reminders

Get instant notification of every task completion

planetHR helps you to dive into the details of every task & instantly aware you of their status. You can easily monitor every task from the beginning to the end.

  • Always stay updated with a new thread of employee task completion alert
  • Employee will get a reminder when any new task added

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