Streamline your Payroll work with cloud-based payroll management platform

Process your payroll jobs wherever you go with the mobile payroll solution

Juggling through all the complex payroll calculations? Now, planetHR provides such a fuss-free payroll solution that fortifies your salary processing work.

This cloud-based payroll platform seamlessly integrates with your system that will be in sync with all the employee attendance data & salary changes.

Now handle every pay cycle of your organization with confidence & meet every complex payroll requirements in the most efficient way.

Take full control of your payroll work with planetHR simplified payroll solution

One single place to add & view all the payroll details

Streamline your organization’s payroll procedure with planetHR payroll solution. It provides accurate, hassle-free payroll in a single, unified cloud platform while minimizing the chances of the error-prone long manual process.

  • Can easily enroll any employee salary details
  • Filter out the payroll information. If you want you can view the payroll information of your whole department, branch even the whole company
  • One single view of all the employee salary information
  • Easy to view insights & salary details like basic salary, rent, medical & conveyance allowances.

Easy to sync each employee payroll automatically

planetHR payroll system is integrated with your overall HR systems, so no chances of forgetting any important information from the payroll report

  • Easy to sync new hires information with the payroll
  • Automatically sync employee attendance & leave data with the payroll
  • Auto-adjust with the organization salary changes, don’t need to add the same information twice
  • Whenever any employee enter any benefit plan, it accurately calculates it & makes the necessary change

Accurate calculation with all payroll features (tax, total earnings, bonus, deduction & hours worked)

Enjoy accurate payrolls & timely paychecks with planetHR payroll solution. Eliminate the need for spreadsheet or calculators, as it automatically calculates all the expense changes into one payroll system

  • Easy to calculate the employee paychecks
  • Flexibly records the company financial impact that reflects each payroll
  • Can view the detailed payroll activity including employee earrings, taxes, & salary deductions.

Every salary details as well as payslips now at your fingertip

Even if your company is going through any changes, this payroll solution will give you a new dimension to break down every single detail into one easy-to-view payroll report.

  • Can prepare go-to payroll report with the employee details
  • Easy to download or share the report either in PDF format or CSV file
  • Can view each employee payroll you have run in this software
  • Can generate payslips for every individual employee using any device

Instant notification when any employee salary is processed

Whether you’re running a small or large business, planetHR payroll features will perfectly fit the unique needs of your business. It helps you to provide your employees with the convenience they are expecting from your business.

With just a few clicks, your employees get the payment, with no chance of getting delayed.

  • Easy to schedule the day on each month to pay your employees
  • Can choose the right pay schedule
  • Employee get instant reminders when their salary is processed
  • Auto-calculation to reduce the errors & long hours
  • Can download the payslips whenever needed

Check out how planetHR mobile-enabled solution bring revolutionary change to your HR work

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