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Want to know how the outside meeting is going? Whether your employee is in the right meeting destination or not? Well, planetHR makes the outside meeting & employee visit monitoring system easy. If you have employees who have to attend different meetings or events at different locations over the course of a day, then you need something that helps you to monitor the employees’ visits.

planetHR specializes in geolocation technology which helps you to track employees’ visits to their assigned job locations. So now when your employee visits those sites you can monitor them instantly.

It provides an efficient cloud-based solution that takes care of your employee outside meeting time. Now you can easily transform your mobile into a portable meeting & visit tracker to figure out whether your employees are in the right place or not.

Optimize your team’s offsite performance with Meeting & Visit tracking solution

Get real-time alerts of employee offsite meeting & visits

Stay connected with your employee even when they are going out to attend different meetings. This solution is easily compatible with your iOS, Android & any other devices, so you can now easily stick with your employees’ productivity no matter where you move.

  • Easy to monitor employees check-ins at each location
  • Easy to validate employees movements & visit notes
  • Notify instantly whenever employee enter any new location

Reveal actionable insights about your Team Performance

Empower organization day-to-day actions with intuitive insights about employee outside performances. Also, provide actionable information to keep your team stays on top of their productivity.

  • Better meeting scheduling decision while analyzing employee outside meeting performances
  • Can easily estimate time & budget for every offsite job
  • Understand the average number of hours employee spent on the meeting
  • Can understand the frequency of meeting over a month

Monitor your team out in the field performance

With planetHR Geofencing mobile HR solution now makes more informed decisions while monitoring your workforce offsite output. This software helps to equip you with accurate information of employees outside meeting productivity to create more transparency among the workforce.

  • Can generate hassle-free timesheets of employees outside meetings
  • Easy-to-read reports to understand employee outside job efficiency.
  • Can identify your workforce’s most effective team member
  • With accurate records of outside work, improve employee productivity & morale
  • Easy to plan & divide offsite work to optimize employee performances

Intuitively distinguish different meeting places with the best use of Geolocation technology

planetHR provides a unique, focused approach to monitor your employees’ different meeting & visit locations. With the geolocation technology now you can easily distinguish every meeting location, as the time & location will be predefined on your software.

  • Easy to monitor employee visits in the client places or project sites.
  • Know the exact time employees are check-ins at each meeting location
  • Shows which employee is visiting the next job sites or client locations & automatically update you about their location throughout the day.

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