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With planetHR Cloud Solution, give your Leave management a digital touch

Looking for a simple system that can manage your organization’s total leave request & also can control it from any device?

planetHR Leave Management solution automates your entire leave process into one single flexible system.

This solution effortlessly understands the holiday patterns & monitors your employee leave patterns to ensure your organization maintains a healthy & effective leave policy.

Manage the employee absence on-the-go with the Leave management system

A single dashboard to view all Employee Leave info

planetHR leave management solution helps organizations to plan their leave policy more effectively. It helps to automate your entire workflow by placing all the leave entitlements into one single platform.

  • Automatically routed all leave requests in one single place
  • Can easily accept or reject any leave request within a single click
  • Easy to filter out the leave time period & type
  • Real-time insights of the complete leave summary
  • Can view upcoming holidays & check the employee monthly leave report

Instant notification of employee leave request

planetHR helps you to process the request for employee time-offs digitally. Approving procedure is also so simple & the chances of missing any request are zero, as it gives you an instant alert notification when any employee applies for the leave.

  • Get instant alert when any employee apply for leave
  • Advance leave reporting can instantly send to the manager
  • Automatic calculation of different leave types
  • Easy, fast & mobile-friendly integration

Easy to approve Employee time-off from anywhere

planetHR leave management solution makes it super easy to monitor the total leave request within your organization & can easily analyze the holiday patterns from any device.

  • Easy to set any official holidays
  • Can easily define the leave types
  • Can approve & monitor employee leave & vacation days
  • For any emergencies easy to get in touch with any employee during their time-off

Multi-level approval and dynamic rules for different leaves

Centralize your organization’s leave approval process with flexible Multi-level approval and dynamic rules. Leave applications can be accepted from your supervisor, substitute, or even from an employee. Companies can customize the leave rules based on employee situation & company leave structure.

  • Can be accessed by multiple users from any device
  • Employee can easily check from their account whether their leave request is accepted or not
  • Assign specific employees to specific leave policies

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