Extraordinary cloud platform that combines all your HR data into one single Dashboard

Unify, Organize & Manage your entire workforce data into one single cloud-based Dashboard

planetHR dashboard complies with all the important HR decision-making tools that help the HR management keep track of their KPIs. Such a modern & interactive dashboard helps to deeply explore all your HR data & find valuable insights to enhance your workforce performance.

Whether it’s your employee leave, attendance, or payroll data, companies’ detailed information, financial data all are stored in one single cloud. One can easily be customized & accessed all of this data using mobile devices to match it with the requirements of the business.

Make your HR department more data literate with our Mobile Inclusive HR Dashboard

Collect & monitor any employee data

With planetHR, centralize & automate the collection of all the important HR data in the cloud platform. Now you can:

  • Record & observe any employee activities
  • Know where your in-house employee is heading.
  • Easy to monitor the key HR metrics to benchmark the employee performances

Concise and Intuitive display of Employee Attendance & Leave data

Our mobile-enabled solution can easily streamline the process of leave & attendance monitoring. Such an automated & accurate time-keeping process for employee leave management & attendance helps you to make better decisions.

  • Easily get the employee leave information & the reason behind it
  • Get all the accurate attendance data (date, shift, in & out time)
  • Easily track the employee total number of leaves in one year
  • Easy to approve & verify employee leave application
  • Easily allocate the employee shift

Within a single click, quickly controls & manage all major activities

Make faster & smarter decisions within a single click using the planetHR mobile-enabled solution.

  • Easy to look at the total leave request of the employee
  • Get real-time updates of Employee attendance time history
  • Easy to define the shift of each employee
  • Can lookout all the upcoming holidays

Easily manage any official notices and promptly send them to employees’ hands.

Without taking the hassle of doing paperwork, now send important notices to employees instantly & always stay ahead of what’s going on with your workforce.

  • Centralize all the employee records in one place.
  • Get handy alerts of any important event or employee leave notices.
  • Reduce time spent on administration tasks.
  • Reduce long waiting times to get approval for any task

Easy to access any employee information when needed

planetHR let you get connected with any employee information instantly. While using your Android or iOS devices, you can easily find what you need at that moment. No need to dig through the stacks of files and cabinets. All employee information will be safely & securely available online.

Can segregate each employee based on:

  • Employee Profile (Full Name, Date of Birth, Nationality)
  • Payroll Details (Employee Bank Account, Salary Structure, Payment Option)
  • Job Details (Employee ID, Reference Number, Position)
  • Work Information (Branch, Department)

Get a complete picture of your company (branch, department, financial year)

HR dashboard gives useful access to your organization’s important information, ensuring everything is up to date. It provides important business financial data showcasing valuable insights in order to help your organization meet the challenges of global HR offerings.

  • Able to access your organization’s branch detailed information
  • Can assess every individual employee month cycle report
  • Can easily add new departments
  • Record & maintain all up-to-date financial information

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