Simple Mobile and Cloud-based Attendance tracker with Geolocation technology

Monitor your Team no matter where they are!

Still, monitoring your employee attendance with a spreadsheet & Fingerprint Time Attendance machine? Take control of your employee attendance, location as well as time with planetHR geofencing technology.

With such technology, no need to guess when your employees are out or in the office. It creates a virtual geographic boundary to a specific address that your employees tend to visit.

As a result, now they don’t need to punch the machine every time they are in or out of the office, whenever they are in the geographic border, an attendance record will be automatically logged. As a result, you will always be aware of where your employees are checking in or out.

Easily balance and manage your team across multiple locations & worksites

Real-time monitoring of time & location of in-house as well remote employees

No need to constantly keep an eye on the employee log hours, As now employees don’t need to manually clock-in or out in the software. With planetHR geofencing technology now you know without any effort when your in-house as well as remote employees check-in at any location.

  • Receive accurate records of employee check-ins at any location
  • Easy to monitor employee lunch break-in/out time
  • Can monitor employee late shifting or early outing time

Get instant notification of employee clock-ins & outs with geofencing technology

This smart geofencing technology automatically monitors each employee’s activities when they are out in the field. When an employee enters into the selected geofence zone, an instant notification, as well as the estimate spent of the total hours record, will be sent to you.

  • Record the exact time & location of each employee
  • Automatically record the employee total time spent in the outside work
  • Automatically stopped the recording when an employee leaves the geofence zone.
  • Easy to verify the authenticity of employee attendance data

Seamlessly synchronize the attendance workflow

planetHR seamlessly synchronize employee time & attendance data within just a few clicks. Now as a company you will get full freedom to completely automate this system with geofencing technology or can integrate manual clock in or out system with the geolocation technology.

  • GPS systems share accurate location data throughout the day.
  • Can easily figure out whether employees in the right location or not

Cut the extra cost to buy and manage any physical attendance device

No more wasting time on running any attendance machine. planetHR makes it super easy for you to run the software on your mobile, no need to buy or install any kind of additional attendance equipment. With zero labor cost, you will get such a specialized geofencing technology based attendance system that fulfills all your important attendance needs.

  • Simple clock in/out notifications on your mobile
  • Easy to manage employee absence
  • Easy to prepare timesheet

Eliminate the need to send SMS or make any phone call

No more hassle of informing the manager about the absence or late arrivals. planetHR handles remote attendance like a boss. No more sending SMS or making phone calls to describe any emergency situation.

  • Easy to monitor your remote employees
  • Accommodates every emergency situation with a special note
  • Seamlessly synchronize the way employees clock in & out
  • Saves tons of time to track down each of the employees’ time & figure out their log hours

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