Empower your Human Resource with cloud-based Asset Management Solution

With Asset Management Solution, control each & every section of your company Asset

Take full control of your every asset and never lose track of any important items of your organization.

planetHR cloud-based asset tracking solution keeps track of your every equipment and inventory so that you are always aware of where the asset should be.

A better manageable asset system brings better productivity to your work team. So bring the planetHR Asset Management solution in your organization too!

Mobile configurable Asset Monitoring platform that completely fit your Asset Management needs

Get a complete list of Asset Summary in one single dashboard

Head-over more accurate & flexible solution for your business to monitor & track down each of the assets. Using just one cloud platform you’ll get a full overview of your total asset summary.

  • Find, view, share the asset history anytime
  • Keep track of your most used asset
  • Easy to keep track of the asset capacity
  • Can view the assigned assets

Record every asset information with the collect & return date

planetHR asset management solution provides smarter solution than a spreadsheet. You can now record full asset history in one convenient place.

  • Get faster asset identification
  • Can access any asset data at anytime
  • Everyone will be informed of what is currently in the vault and what need to purchase

Help in identifying the best solution to the reallocation of assets

planetHR innovative asset management solution helps you to easily manage your company’s assets by providing reliable & long-term solutions to maximize the longevity of your asset usage.

  • Keep accurate records of what can be integrated seamlessly into the day-to-day workflow
  • Keep asset data up-to-date

Can manage assets from anywhere using Android or iOS devices

planetHR introduces a mobile asset solution where you can control all of your assets anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device.

It allows you to find your business asset more efficiently, permits you to control it wherever you are.

  • Quickly scan all available resources from the mobile
  • Easy to find the right material and equipment when needed
  • Help you to minimize the wasted resources

Check out how planetHR mobile-enabled solution bring revolutionary change to your HR work

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