Organize & monitor your team activity with planetHR all-in-one Approval Functionality

Centralize your entire team activity in one organized cloud-based HR platform

Want to automate & streamline the entire workforce activity? planetHR automate the approval procedure so that no task is left behind due to the busy work schedule

With such a solution, you can simply save lots of time from chasing around approving the paperwork. Now you can resolve this within just a few clicks.

Now the time-consuming task of tracking down each unapproved task is being automated, now you concentrate your valuable time on important issues like Business growth & success.

Every functionality of planetHR’s activity approval is designed to boost your HR workflow

Record & keep track of all the Employee approved workflow

planetHR support & automate the activity approval process of your entire workforce. No need to wait days to grant approval from a higher authority, as the Activity approval procedure automatically keeps track & approves all the tasks.

  • Free you up from tons of responsibility as it automatically keeps track of all of your workforce work
  • Reduce the lengthy waiting time
  • Can easily monitor & record each employee activity in one single place

No pressure to take explanations for any activities

No more asking questions like “What’s the status of that project?” Rather now you will automatically get an update on whether your activity got approved by the higher authority or not. No hassle of explaining the situation for different activities, as with planetHR you can send a note remarking the situation of those activities.

  • Easy to post any activity (leave, bill, out-of-office, and many more) on the row for instant approval
  • Can explain the scenario for every activity
  • Monitor every activity ensuring nothing slip back from your approval
  • Can check the progress bar of every workflow
  • Approve every activity in real-time, no matter where you are

Notify every time whenever any new activity added

This activity approval feature lets you know when there are new activities. It sends you an alert notification to instantly approve all the activity to reduce the pressure of administrative work. It efficiently manages every project & helps you to get all the projects in one place.

  • Notification will tell there is a new activity
  • Can group each activity based on their category such as Leave, Bill, attendance, etc.
  • Can add time entries for each activity
  • Can sort the activity whenever needed
  • Easy to filter out unnecessary data

Speed up the process of your activity approval with planetHR mobile HR solution

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