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How it all started?

Aplectrum is involved in the HR software solution for several years, particularly providing services to large factories, Production Houses, International Manufacturing Companies, etc. But that solution is limited only to Web & Cloud solutions.

After quite some time, Aplectrum solution felt the need for a completely mobile-based HR and payroll software for everyone, especially for the leaders of medium & small businesses who need a unique combination of such HR technology that helps to achieve their HR goals.

On that thought, we introduced planetHR: A complete cloud-based HR solution that empowered every HR activity & can be easily accessed through your mobile phones. It has a powerful remote attendance monitoring solution, fully complies with geolocation & geofencing technology that is able to monitor your entire workforce activity without the need for manual time entries. With planetHR, enable every HR functionality in one place no matter where you go.

Now Companies’ HR people can access their Employee Attendance, Leave, Task Management, Bill, and Allowance Management from their smartphone or any other devices, whenever, wherever needed.

What’s the Mission of planetHR?

To leverage a more agile and effective Mobile HR cloud solution to meet the daily needs of your evolving workforce.

What’s the Vision of planetHR?

To become the globally accepted leading mobile-integrated cloud-based HR solution that businesses can undoubtedly rely on.

A complete HR Cloud Technology on your pocket to streamlines your HR Functionality

planetHR transfers all HR things into one easily manageable, totally mobile accessible & cloud-based solution that organizes your entire workflow. Its user-friendly geofencing features help to connect all the missing HR parts into one single HR software puzzle so that you can concentrate your valuable time on building your business.

The initiator behind this Powerful HR Software Solution

“Since the beginning, Mr. Monjurul Alam Mamun believes in a complete HR digital transformation that simultaneously improves the employee experience in the organization. Business environment is experiencing an unprecedented turn so we should also develop new HR capabilities to stay relevant in this competitive HR world”.

Mr. Monjurul Alam Mamun

Founder and Chief Architect of planetHR

Mobile-enabled HR Solutions that bring revolutionary change to Business outlook

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